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Flexible silicone self-adhesive oil pan heater for all engine sizes, transmissions, hydraulic & water tanks. Reduce engine wear and fuel consumption under all extreme temperature conditions. Robust, durable the heater pad is manufactured with high-end components.

Flexible silicone fuel filter heater designed to be installed on fuel, lube oil and hydraulic filters; eliminate fuel gelling in extreme cold weather. Easy to install and remove; Velcro straps provide flexibility for installation on different filter sizes.

Flexible silicone battery heater designed for installation under the battery; increase cranking power of the battery and extend battery life; cold temperatures reduce the cranking power of the battery as the temperature drops.

Temperature controlled electrical thermostat outlet, designed to automatically turn on and off when the ambient temperature drops or raises in accordance with a pre-set temperature setting.


Exceptional Performance

Titan Heater Pads are used by recognised OEMS (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and Defense Contractors worldwide to provide effective heating solutions for cold weather operations.

Durable, Reliable and Efficient, Titan Heater Pads deliver enhanced crank ability and immediate lubrication of engine parts in cold weather operations; this results in reduced engine maintenance costs with reliable performance.

Ease of installation, combined with a lifetime warranty, ensures many years of reliable operation for cold weather starts of engines and many other applications.